I went for a wedding ceremony today and I learnt a lot of things. It was a great experience. I want to share my experience with you. Looking at the married couples, I can see the big time excitement written on their faces. They were admired and treated like celebrities. They felt on top of … More WHAT AN EXPERIENCE


I will try as much as possible to explain what I have in my heart in a few sentences. There is always a point where we have to wait for things to happen in our lives. No matter how hard you try to make things work out they would stay unmovable until it is time … More Enjoy


Sitting on my white cushion, glued to my T.V screen, there i was watching my favorite soap opera “when it’s day”. My mind flashed back to my days in college. Those days I misunderstood love and was driven by the teenage desires. The two lovers in “when it’s day” brought the memory of me and … More Twisted

Immoral Virgin

Day 6 #1Day1Flash#PoesyChallenge The club house was filled to the brim as more patronizers were expected to come in. The sounds of the disco music filled the air. Bottles of alcoholic wine was tossed around the hall. The DJ played a popular hip hop song and the people jumped up to the beat of the … More Immoral Virgin


Day 5 #1Day1Flash1PoesyChallenge Sam couldn’t believe his eyes. He leaped and ran to the field where he does his thinking exercise. He thought of manipulating the marks but he knew it wasn’t right. “My parents are going to kill me, I would be grounded again” he exclaimed. Looking at a direction without focusing on anything … More Sam

Faith 1.2

HOW DO WE GET FAITH Romans 10 gives us the required answer for this question 8 In fact, it says, “The message is very close at hand; it is on your lips and in your heart.” And that message is the very message about faith that we preach: 9 If you confess with your mouth that Jesus … More Faith 1.2

My Story(2)

Day 4 #1Day1Flash1PoesyChallenge ************** Interviewer: Welcome back viewers. Thanks for staying glued to your screen. Over to you sir. Interviewee: The first six months with the gangs was fun for me. I was already seventeen then getting close to eighteen in a few months. They took me out for shopping and bought different things for … More My Story(2)

My Story(1)

DAY 3 #1Day1Flash1PoesyChallenge Interviewer: hello People! We have a friend here who will take us through the story of his life. So can we meet you sir? Interviewee: I am Peter Nyong, and I’m 18 years old. That’s it! Interviewer: Okay! Thank you! Please can you tell us all you need to say. Pass your … More My Story(1)

Faith 1.1

Hello! Good day! Thanks for visiting again. Now to today’s topic WHY FAITH? Many times we ask this question “why do I need faith?”. The answers are not far-fetched. I will list some reasons as the Holy Spirit inspires. First and foremost, Hebrews 11:6 says ” but without faith it is impossible to please God, … More Faith 1.1

Hello Diary!

Day 2 #1Day1Flash1PoesyChallenge Hello Diary! September 12, 2015 Hello diary! Today I fell in love with this guy today and I just can’t control the feelings. I don’t know whether it’s love or crush but I’m sure it’s love. Apart from the fact that he is handsome, he is also intelligent and cool. In fact … More Hello Diary!


  Source: Essence Images #1Day1Flash1PoesyChallenge Day 1   “See I’m tired, I can’t continue with this life” Akuna screamed. “What is the problem? Please wipe your tears and tell me what the issue is” Odion interrupted. Akuna couldn’t control the tears that strolled down her face. Odion offered her a face towel to clean herself … More Adieu!!

Faith 1.0

SOURCE: Google Images Hello! Good day! I welcome you to joining me, as we scale through this series. I trust God to bless us through the write ups. I could not get the AUDIO VERSION done. Apologies!! Down to today’s work. We will be taking a look at; WHAT IS FAITH? Hebrews 11:1 says “Faith … More Faith 1.0

Life Saver(1)

CHALLENGE Am not just happy about the fact that I’ve been asking God to help me and my family financially but it seems nothing is working out. I need money for a whole lot of God’s Project to reach out lives, I need money to bless lives, I need money for so many things, the … More Life Saver(1)

A Lost Diamond

I’m like a diamond that lost its way, Am like a baby that needs The touch of a loving mother, Am so brutal in every of my lifestyle, Just because I could not be found A diamond that is expensive Lost its way just because, It does not know its value And how cherished it … More A Lost Diamond


Lights, Cameras, Action!! And God said, Let there be light, The light beamed, And appeared at the words flight, You know what? No matter how small the bulb Of a christmas light might be, It will always be seen in a dark hall Many people’s lives are empty, Their lives has been tagged, A tag … More The LIGHT in YOU


I want to believe that you are meeting up your Goals and plans for the year, if you haven’t why? I think people find it hard to meet up their expectations for the year because they don’t have RESOLUTE RESOLUTION Your resolution should be resolute to help achieve your aim. Click on the link below … More RESOLUTE RESOLUTION

Haiku Poems

#WORD Word! This is the word Deep words depends on the heart Not in the word it self #CRUSH A strong emotion, That affects your affection, And thinking motion #LONELINESS Loneliness attacks, Only a love-vacant heart And God needed heart Author: Orji Prince (Prince4Christ)

The Journey

Half asleep, half awake was my mood throughout the night. I was having this feeling of both anxiety and excitement, knowing fully well that it was going to be my first time traveling out of Lagos. The seconds of time kept going in a tortoise movement which made it seem like a forever night to … More The Journey


CAN WE MEET YOU? My name is Olaniyi Elizabeth Oluwatobiloba HOW OLD ARE YOU? I am eighteen years old. I just clocked eighteen actually. WHAT ARE YOUR TALENTS? Hmmm. Talents? Ok let me say singing. I don’t know if its a talent oo, but I like singing shaa. I like dancing too. I just discovered … More INTERVIEW WITH TODAY’S CELEBRANT (OLUWATOBILOBA OLANIYI)

The Only Magic

Breaking news! Fifty people killed in a bomb blast, Students of a popular University engaged in a riot and killed 4 students, Strippers needed for one week, Robbers attacked a bank and killed 5 guards on duty, Breaking news! Breaking news!! The world is gradually becoming a breaking news itself, The world we live in … More The Only Magic


Taking my mind aback in the old times I remember how helpless I was in my plight Pains upon pains, problems upon problems I was in an hopless state I was bandaged in bondage, The daily trauma of who I was scared me, Though I tried to look innocent But the pains down in my … More NO LONGER SLAVES


“Dear, please make sure you go along with everything you need” Mr. Johnson told his wife as they both arranged their bags. The joy of entering a new house has overwhelmed the children. Ben and Fred are the only children of Mr. And Mrs. Johnson. The van that will convey all their belongings arrived hours … More PACKING OUT


“Dear, please make sure you go along with everything you need” Mr. Johnson told his wife as they both arranged their bags. The joy of entering a new house has overwhelmed the children. Ben and Fred are the only children of Mr. And Mrs. Johnson. The van that will convey all their belongings arrived hours … More PACKING OUT


I was walking down the road one day and I saw some people evangelizing and sharing tracts as well. They handed over a tract to me. I read it and I was blessed. So I want to share it with you. Read and be blessed. About eighty men fighting a forest fire were being trapped … More ONLY ONE WAY OUT

You are my Porsche!

Originally posted on Doctor Love:
You know, we live in a society that measures success by tangible things; cars, houses, and the many other ‘blings’. There’s nothing wrong with having these but they are not the true measure of success. Ask those who have it all and don’t have a family! Ask those that acquired…


THE WAR ‘Attack!!!!!!’ The commander shouted with authority in his voice as he gave the command. The soldiers gave out their ‘war cry’ on hearing the command assuring the commander they are heavily prepared and ready. They all moved en masse into the small city to devour the creatures there. But the funny thing is … More THE WAR


SEXUAL DESIRES Hello!! Its been long I wrote a non fictional article, now I have one again at your disposal. Controlling your sexual urge takes a lot of discipline and help from the Holy Spirit. First of all let’s examine the meaning of ‘sexual desire’. Sexual desire means an interest in “sexual objects or activities, … More SEXUAL DESIRES


WHO ARE YOU QUOTE: “I know who I am; I am what God says I am” Have you ever asked yourself this question or have you been asked? Who are you? I guess you were speechless. Knowing who we are will help us battle a lot of things. Our identity matters a lot. Before I … More WHO ARE YOU

A Nation of Nations

Many years ago a nation was born It was totally dependent on a nation But step by step its citizens understood that they aren’t kids anymore to be under anyone They realized they had strenght and power They fought for their independence And now we celebrate the understanding. A nation that is blessed than any … More A Nation of Nations


TEST OF LOVE How strong is this love? A love that subdues death A love that washes a stinking apparel without sweat A love that is as meek as dove A love that knows no bound A love that stands when others fall A love that blossoms in an empty hall A love that heals … More TEST OF LOVE

Who Am I?

​Fear has been one of man’s greatest challenge. According to Wikipedia Fear is seen as a feeling induced by perceived danger or threat that occurs in certain types of animals which causes a change in organ or metabolic function and ultimately a change in behaviour such as fleeing, hiding, or freezing from perceived traumatic events. … More Who Am I?